Hi, my name is Ahnaf, also known as DevGuyAhnaf on the internet. I'm a software developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I started coding at the end of 2017 and fell in love with it. Computers have been interesting to me since I was a kid, after my dad introduced me to arcade games on the MAME emulator (good ol' Windows XP days).

I have worked as a freelance developer for many clients on Fiverr, and 2 companies (as of now). Nowadays I work on contract jobs sometimes, but my time is mostly spent on personal projects and hacking on things. I've been into C recently, and made some stuff like web servers, async video encoders, CLI tools, etc.

But my primary interest is backend development, more specifically, distributed systems and microservices. I'm really into distributed computing and how you can make a complex system scalable through asynchronous communication and service isolation. Backend is what makes me feel like a programmer, to make things happen under the hood but still provide a simple API on the surface. A few years ago I was actually a "Full-Stack" developer, but I rage quit on frontend and decided to focus more on backend because I felt like Full-Stack didn't allow me to fully focus on the good stuff.

I also have a YouTube channel where I make programming tutorials and stuff. There's mostly tutorials about things I had difficulty with learning. I also write programming articles on Dev.to once in a while.

You can find me on my Discord: Ahnaf#4346 or contact me via email at hi[at]ahnafzamil[dot]com. I got a Twitter as well where I post about weird things: @devguyahnaf.